I understand that trail biking can be dangerous and lead to injuries. I am using the bike provided by TRYE on my own responsibility during the rental period.

TRYE will do a pre-check on the equipment before handing it over to client. However the equipment can fail during rental period. This will not be under TRYE’s responsibility if a failure on equipment leads to accidents and/or injuries to client or any third party.

I am responsible for wearing the protective equipment according to the activity I am performing with the products rented from TRYE.

If I choose to not buy TRYE’s insurance and damages occur to the rented equipment, I have to cover the eventual repair cost.

All normal wear and tear is covered by TRYE. And is not defined as damage.

If you book a bike from TRYE and decide to cancel your booking. You will be refunded according to the system below:

21 days before the activity:  80%

10-20 days before the activity: 60%

2-9 days before the activity: 40%

1 day before the activity or non-appearance: NO REFUND